Let me introduce myself…

I’m just your average, approaching middle-aged, momma.  Here’s the breakdown…married, two kids, dog, living in middle America.  I work part-time at a Big 10 University.  The rest of my time is spent sewing funky bags out of my at home studio and running my very active kids around.  I believe in kindness. I believe that happiness is a choice. AND… I believe that a good laugh and solid sleep can change your life or at the very least your attitude.

I have been doing yoga for several years now, but only recently have I made practice a priority.  I make it to the yoga studio a few times a week.  When asked, “Why yoga” I never have the same reason.  I practice for so many reasons…for my health, my peace of mind, my body.  I posted a picture on my Facebook page once that summed things up pretty well for me… “I bend to keep from breaking.” bending Continue reading

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